We offer 25 years of experience to better serve you in keeping your refrigeration, air-conditioning and heating equipment running with the least amount of down time.


Our extensive experience covers everything from service to installations of refrigeration in restaurants to multi-parallel rack systems in supermarkets to warehouse cold storage facilities.  HVAC includes package and split systems to water cooled towers.


We are REFRIGERATION SPECIALISTS for all manufacturers and all types of refrigerators, freezers and ice machines.
* Walk-In Cold Storage Boxes (1/2 HP to 45 HP)
* Upright and Low-boy Door Units
* Custom Fabricated Restaurant Units
* Ice Machines (cubed or flakers)
* Display Cases for Bakery, Deli, Fish and Meat
* Glass Door Merchandisers Freezer and Coolers
We supply the correct and proper service the first time by systematically searching for the problem and not the symptom.  We are Air-conditioning and Heating Specialists for all types of adverse conditions.  Climate Control involves more than compressors and furnaces.  We are well versed in airflow patterns, returns and make-up air.  We can maintain any environment and offer economical solutions utilizing outdoor air to control your inside air.  We can treat your outside air to its full capacity utilizing economizers to deliver the utmost comfort inside your space.  We are able and capable of controlling multiple spaces utilizing Digitally controlled thermostats programming them with precision.


Majestic Mechanical personnel is not only factory trained but most importantly FIELD TRAINED.  Due to the adverse conditions and complicated environments, the field has situations that repeat themselves,  We have the type of experience that will resolve your problem and keep you cool.
We also have a full installation crew and refrigeration door repair service and stainless fabrication giving you their best knowledge and dependable service.


We have crews in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Westchester, Staten Island, and New Jersey.

Maintenance Programs

Annual Service and Preventative Maintenance Agreements are available for all your refrigeration, air-conditioning and heating needs.  Majestic has developed and follows strict preventive maintenance programs.  We pride ourselves in the fact that our preventive maintenance quality standards exceed preset industry standards, as you know this equipment is built to run and last.  Maintenance just keeps it running at its designed specification.
Over the years we have seen many motor rooms and self contained equipment and one thing is for sure, not too many companies are taking the time to maintain this equpment the way it should be.
Our Goal is to change that; at least for the stores we service.  A clean machine area not only looks good, it also allows equipment to be serviced and maintained properly allowing machinery to breath and operate freely.

2020 and the Future

Majestic’s knowledge of the computer field is extensive.  We specialize in energy management and computerized refrigeration / building controls.  We have a full time 24-hour a day, seven day a week, computer alarm monitoring system in place.  Our extensive technical background allows us to use the computerized refrigeration controls as our tools.  Often we can remedy the problem via the computer without leaving our office.  We strongly believe in remote monitoring and alarm systems and would like to introduce you to “Majestic On-Line” a company started to lead us into the future.
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