Scroll Compressor Systems

Majestic Mechanical Scroll Compressor Systems provide superior reliability, maximum efficiency and compatibility with all types of refrigerants.  Available in low and medium temperatures.
Majestic Mechanical Scroll Compressor Systems require a fraction of the space as compared with Reciprocating Compressor Systems.  To learn more about Majestic Mechanical’s Scroll Compressor System contact us.

Scroll Compressor

Features and Benefits


Orbiting scroll design maximizes compressor operating efficiency through the absence of suction and discharge valves
Quieter operation and less vibration the reciprocating compressors
Scroll compressors are more tolerant to liquid refrigerant then reciprocating compressors thereby improving compressor reliability.
Scroll compressors are smaller and weigh less than reciprocating compressors
Scroll Compressors have fewer moving parts than reciprocating compressors also adding to compressor reliability.
Liquid / Vapor injection avoids annoying compressor shutdowns due high discharge temperature
Suitable for Medium Temperature R-22, R507/404a and Low Temperature R507/404a proving flexibility with alternative refrigerants
Economizer operation provides subcooling and reduces operating costs.
Available up to 15 HP.


Duct Work


Did you know 9 out of 10 establishments DO NOT balance air volume with their space . . .
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Majestic Mechanical can improve the efficiency of your existing systems by:
– Equal friction method of duct mixing.
– Utilizing top of the line air distribution components
– Balancing of pressure drops and external static pressure
– Air treatment for fresh air make up
-Choosing correctly the recommended velocities for ducts and grills.


Ice Machine Specialists


We repair all brands and types of ice machines.

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